7 Haunted Places in Scotland That Are Seriously Spooky ...

Who knew that there were so many haunted places in Scotland? Man, oh man is Scotland one lovely country! But, as we have seen before, even the most beautiful things cannot escape tragic history, hauntings, and paranormal phenomena. Enter: Scotland! Huge green spaces, fantastical historic sites, and loads of haunted places in Scotland make for an interesting mixed bag of opportunity that you cannot miss!

1. Abbotsford House

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Abbotsford House is one of many beautiful and reported haunted places in Scotland that you have to see to believe. This gorgeous home was designed and built for the owner/occupant poet and novelist, Sir Walter Scott. The home has a history of spooky tales that date back to the experiences of Scott himself. Scott reported hearing construction noises in the middle of the night only to see no evidence or explanation of such racket. Scott believed the disturbance to be that of his recently deceased design assistant. Years later, in 1832, Scott is reported to have died of exhaustion in the home. Visitors to the property have reported seeing Scott's ghostly image watching from a dining room window.

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