9 Haunted Places in Louisiana to Scare the Living Daylights out of You ...

If you and I were on a road trip through the south we would totally hit up a few haunted places in Louisiana. We would travel from the northwest part of the state, around Shreveport and down into the southeast area of New Orleans. I'm not sure how long the route would take but the trip would be well worth it to see a few haunted places in Louisiana and get a good scare. There is so much history to explore, why not mix a little road-tripping through historical sites with an interest in the spooky side of Louisiana lore?

1. The Old Ellerbe Road School, Shreveport

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First up on our brief trip through haunted places in Louisiana is the Old Ellerbe Road School. Originally built in 1957 as the George Washington Carver High School, the structure was abandoned in 1985 and remains empty more than twenty years later. This setting is perfect for the spooky tales that surround it. The main legend of this place indicates that a janitor abducted and murdered some students before disappearing himself. There are a few versions of this tale. However, visitors to the area report similar experiences: disembodied laughter of children, crazed laughter of a madman, evidence of satanic rituals and shadows.

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