7 Happiest Places on Earth ...

You might not be able to live there, but you sure can travel to the happiest places on Earth. Happiness is all relative. We all have a different idea of what makes us happy, but some clever boffins, of course, have worked out various indices that make up a Happy-o-meter. I’ve read quite a few of these lists and the same places regularly feature in the top echelons. One thing I noticed, however, was the conspicuous absence of Bhutan – a country that doesn’t measure its success via Gross National Product, but in terms of its Gross National Happiness. Most of the happiest places on Earth are in Scandinavia – check out these places:

1. Aarhus, Denmark

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Routinely taking the number one spot in polls ranking the happiest places on Earth, Denmark’s high quality of life can best be experienced in its “second city,” Aarhus, which lies on a natural harbor on the east coast, allowing for the country’s most active industrial waterfront, as well as serving for a lovely recreational marina for sailing and water skiing. Aarhus is the oldest large Scandinavian city, and yet it draws a young crowd, as thousands of students stream in every year to attend its popular colleges and university. The vibrant city hosts music festivals and houses many museums and outdoor theatres, as well as an abundance of cafes, restaurants and shops. Medieval residences line the narrow streets of the Latin Quarter, while the newly built residential development of Isberget (the Iceberg) was designed so that all have spectacular scenic views of the North Sea.

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