7 Halloween Festivals to Attend Instead of Celebrating at Home ...

If you want to take Halloween seriously but canโ€™t be bothered or donโ€™t have the time to decorate the house and throw a party, there are Halloween festivals around the USA that will very happily welcome you into their spooky fold. From the family friendly to the downright spooky, itโ€™s time to get your costume on, embrace your inner ghoul or witch, and freak out at one of these great Halloween Festivals.

1. Brick or Treat?

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No, itโ€™s not a typo. Brick or Treat is Legolandโ€™s version of Halloween. Each of the Legoland parks (San Diego CA and Winter Haven FL) goes all out every weekend throughout October to celebrate ghoulies and ghosties and everything that goes bump in the night. Alongside all the usual bricky fun, kids can enjoy brick or treating along a trail, go on a Scary Scavenger hunt in Miniland and help build a ghost model. And of course, Halloween festivals would not be complete without costumes and thereโ€™s a contest each Saturday.

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