7 Green Travel Experiences to Have in Belize ...

If you are a responsible tourist you are going to love green travel in Belize and the wealth of experience this Central American country holds. The advantage that developing nations have when boosting their travel and tourism trade is they can start with a relatively small carbon footprint, unlike established tourist countries that have to undo and change years of environment-unfriendly development. Belize has plenty of natural attributes to bring to the sustainable and responsible travel party and we’re waking up to how marvelous travel in Belize is.

1. IXCACAO Maya Belizean Chocolate

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Cacao farming is indigenous to Central and South America and can be one of the most sustainable farming practices available, with trees able to produce for up to 60 years! This farm is located in the Toledo district of Belize, in the city of San Felipe, and does not use electrical devices in their harvest. Visitors can participate in a chocolate making demonstration and taste unsweetened cocoa. No travel in Belize would be complete without this unique experience.

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