7 Green Hotels in the USA for Eco-tourists ...

I have been glad to read that sustainable travel is growing in popularity among Americans and this means the number of green hotels in the US is also increasing. As well as beautiful locations and excellent facilities, environmentally-conscious travelers look for energy-efficient accommodation with towel and linen reuse programs, water-efficient bathrooms, recycling bins and use of local produce and products. If this sounds right up your street, here are some of the best green hotels in the US.

1. Montage Deer Valley, Park City, Utah

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This resort certainly makes an impact, especially if you are driving up to it through the woods. It looks fantastic during the summer, but is especially beautiful when it is peppered with snow in the winter. There are other green hotels in the US that are more eco-friendly, but when you consider what they have done and what they could have done, then it is easy to see why this green hotel is a top vacation resort. They could have made a dramatic but inefficient resort and still pulled in thousands of people per year, but instead they take time to save water and energy.

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