7 Great Tourist Attractions in Chicago ...


Tourist attractions in Chicago can claim masses of visitors every day. The Windy City is one of America’s greatest places. It’s a city packed with history, heritage and culture and there are certainly plenty of tourist attractions in Chicago to keep visitors occupied for more than a week. Head to the hub of the mid-west and have the time of your life on the shores of Lake Michigan, in the vibrant modern downtown or the character-full streets of its districts. Here are 7 Great Tourist Attractions in Chicago:

1. The Field Museum

Easily one of the best places to go in Chicago, visitors should not pass up a trip to the Field Museum. The fabulous exhibits take you through 4 billion years of the history of life on Earth. View the journey of precious stones in the Grainger Hall of Gems or examine fossils in the massive collection. Of course, you have to drop in on Sue. Head to the Stanley Field Hall and witness the world’s most complete, best preserved and largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.

Navy Pier
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