7 Great Things to do in Ontario ...

With the official license plate motto of β€œYours to Discover,” you just know there is going to be some great things to do in Ontario. Covering a massive land area, Canada isn’t overly-populous, but a greater proportion lives in Ontario than in any other province. The people enjoy a wonderful balance of cultural richness and scenic adventures and you can too, with these things to do in Ontario.

1. Attend the Pow Wow in Manitoulin

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One of the best things to do in Ontario is to experience a summertime pow wow. Every year in August, the people of Wikwemikong First Nation Reserve celebrate their culture through dancing, feasting and music. Three local tribes get together and host visitors from all directions in this annual festival. The highlight of the event is the dance competition, where some intricate and brilliant outfits covered in beading and feathers are on display.

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