7 Great Sights to See in Stockholm ...

The warmer weather always makes my wanderlust return with a bang, so I’m very excited to be planning things to do in Stockholm! The Swedish capital is well known for its beauty, architecture, huge areas of clean water and plenty of parks, and it’s said to look gorgeous all through the year. There’s so much to do there, too; there’s a reason that it’s called the Venice of the North. Here’s the top things to do in Stockholm!

1. Medieval Stockholm…

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I’ve always wanted to visit Gamla Stan – known as the Old Town, this is where Stockholm began in 1252. It’s one of the oldest, biggest and best preserved medieval city centres in Europe, and it’s perfect for exploring. Explore the mazes of winding alleyways, small squares, the Royal Palace, the old walls and the ancient churches, and don’t forget to check out Riddarholmen Church – this stunning Franciscan monastery was built for the Grey Brother monks back in the 13th Century. Gamla Stan is like a real-life museum, with restaurants, cafes, bars and handicrafts, and there are a variety of ways to explore, from guided tours to bus tours or making your own way around. One of the most beautiful things to do in Stockholm, that’s for sure!

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