8 Great Places to Sink Your Teeth into Cupcakes ...

Don’t you just love cupcakes? And, wouldn’t you love to know the best places for cupcakes? Cupcakes have been one of the most recent food phenomena. What used to be dinky little baked tidbits with some fancy frosting, have exploded into a dessert treat, where incredibly innovative flavor combinations are delivered as little works of art. From the day Candace Nelson opened what is considered the world’s first dedicated cupcake bakery (Sprinkles in Beverley Hills, 2005), which remains one of the best places for cupcakes, we have clamored for these delectable treats. Although Sprinkles is accredited with the blossoming of great places for cupcakes, there were bakeries across America already serving up spongy delights. So, at great pains of stuffing myself silly, I have found 8 Great Places to Sink Your Teeth into Cupcakes:

1. Magnolia Bakery, NYC

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Probably more famous than Sprinkles thanks to an episode of Sex and The City, Magnolia has been serving up their baked treats since 1996. The original store opened on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village and is still one of the best places for cupcakes in NYC. They are now in 5 locations in New York and have also sprung up in Los Angeles, Chicago and even Dubai. Whilst Carrie Bradshaw liked the pink cake, it is the hummingbird cake that draws the crowds, a delicious pineapple, banana and pecan cake with frosting and toasted pecans.

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