7 Gorgeous Greek Island Beaches for Serious R&R ...

What do you think of when you picture Greek Island beaches? To me, itโ€™s always too difficult to visualize because there is a huge variety in their make-up, just like the islands themselves. I have no trouble, however, seeing myself on a sailing boat hopping around the Med, stopping off at the best Greek Island beaches. Sometimes I will choose a secluded one with no road access to let free my inner castaway, other times it will be a party beach where the waft of olive oil, fresh fish, lemon and rosemary mixes with the smell of suntan oil and fruity cocktails. Itโ€™s easy to dream so have a look at these real Greek Island beaches to visit, to make those dreams a reality.

1. Red Beach, Santorini

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A famous romantic destination, Santorini has some of the most unique Greek Island beaches. If you like rugged romance you canโ€™t beat Red Beach. So named for the soaring red lave cliffs that drop into the clear azure sea and the red and black volcanic sand, Red Beach is about a 10 minute walk from the popular tourist destination of Akrotiri. Itโ€™s a one of a kind destination. Not the best place for swimming, but snorkeling is good and itโ€™s a fabulous place for sitting with a loved one to catch the sunset.

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