7 Gorgeous Beaches You'd Secretly Love to Be Shipwrecked on ...


If you’re sitting at your desk reading this on as you try to steal a few moments of peace and quiet in an otherwise crazy day, admit it; you’d love to be shipwrecked on a beautiful desert island in the middle of nowhere, exploring gorgeous beaches and soaking up the sun. No phones, no internet, just you and a good book (and maybe an endless supply of iced cocktails). Whether you’re high-maintenance or love the great outdoors, some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches are just waiting to be explored on islands across the globe, from French Polynesia to The Maldives, so pack your bikini and your sun cream, because these beaches won’t stay deserted for very long!

1. Le Taha’a Island, French Polynesia

Le Taha’a Island, French Polynesia

Mention French Polynesia and many people won’t know where you’re talking about, which makes this first beach resort the perfect place to escape to (or be shipwrecked on)! This luxury resort is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy nature at its most beautiful, with overwater bungalows on stilts rising out of the crystal-clear azure waters. To top it all off, your breakfast will arrive by canoe every morning, and you’re well away from the tourist hub of Bora Bora. If you’re planned on being shipwrecked on gorgeous beaches such as this one, better make sure you bring your Visa card!

The Maldives
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