Go All the Way to Egypt to See Pyramids? No! Go to Mexico ...

The Pyramids at Giza appear on many bucket lists. And rightly so because they are spectacular, and they’re also close to other magnificent ruins. But it’s often forgotten that the Mayan peoples of Central America were also great builders and produced some very impressive pyramids. Mexico has a clutch that are easily accessible so if you have a hankering to ramble among ruins and peer from the top of a pyramid, get down south of the border.

1. Coba Ruins, Nohoch Mul

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The tallest of the Mexican pyramids in the Yucatan belongs to one of the most important Mayan sites in the region. Sixteen different white ceremonial roads fan out from Nohoch Mul, running to different settlements that archaeologists believe supported a population of some 50,000 Mayans. The Coba complex is enormous. Meaning "wind over waters", the name Coba refers to the twin lagoons which the Nohoch Mul hill and pyramid overlook. Scramble up the 120 steps and enjoy fabulous views!

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