7 Glorious Summer Destinations in Canada to Tempt You ...

Although world-renowned for its superb winter sports, there are some gorgeous summer destinations in Canada that are so often overlooked. As well as those snowy winter playgrounds that in summer become excellent locations for outdoor pursuits of all sorts, the cities and national parks offer up plenty of deliciousness, no matter what kind of vacation you prefer. Check out these summer destinations in Canada and you might find yourself booking a flight quicker than a Mountie can get on his horse.

1. Top for Tipplers – Okanagan Wine Country

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Although not exactly renowned for being a wine producing country, one of the lovely summer destinations in Canada is Okanagan Wine Country. Just as pretty as the Napa Valley and Tuscany, the 100 miles area around Okanagan Lake and its valley and rolling hills is home to more than 70 vineyards, many opening their cellars for tasting. The wines are definitely worth tasting as the area produces unique grapes with highly concentrated flavors. The Lake is also a popular spot to swim, sail and fish, or just to sit by with a glass of one of your favorite wines from the day’s tasting to enjoy the view.

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