Get Ready to Scream! the Most Spine Tingling Bungee Jumps in the World ...

Bungee jumping has cemented itself as one of the most adrenaline pumping travel adventures, and unlike many other options, it is very accessible to anyone. If you have a wish to throw yourself off into the blue attached to an elasticated rope, there are now so many places around the world where people will give you that helpful push. If you really want the full on, most awesome experience, these are the most spine tingling bungee jumps in the world:

1. Action Valley in Cusco, Peru

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The biggest reason why this is one of the scariest bungee jumps in the world is that it lacks a lot of the safety measures you’d see at other bungee jump locations. But that doesn’t mean they take no safety steps at all - they make sure you are securely tied in so the risk is actually minimal – after all, Cameron Diaz did it! You may feel a bit insecure but the staff is very professional. The red cage inches you up to a platform that sits close to 400’ high, but when you’re at the top on the platform about to experience the 4th biggest bungee jump in the world, you’ll feel perfectly safe. Scared, but safe!

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