15 Geography Facts to Blow Your Mind and Make You Sound Smart ...


15 Geography Facts to Blow Your Mind and Make You Sound Smart  ...
15 Geography Facts to Blow Your Mind and Make You Sound Smart  ...

Reddit.com is far more fun when it comes to facts than Wikipedia. It gathers things together in ways that make facts interesting and surprising without having to wade through loads of stuff you don't want to know - like the geographical mysteries of our planet. Read on for some geography facts that will blow your mind.

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12 people have walked on the moon. – Wikipedia

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California has more people than all of Canada. – City News

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Mt. Thor in the Baffin Islands, Canada, has Earth’s greatest sheer vertical drop. You can take one step off the peak and fall nearly a mile (4,101ft) before you hit anything. – Wikipedia

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90% of Earth’s population live in the Northern Hemisphere. – Business Insider

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Only 3 people have been to Challenger Deep, the deepest point in our oceans. – More at Gizmodo

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Continents shift at about the same rate as your fingernails grow. – The New York Times

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Somewhere in the Philippines, there’s an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island. – Earthly Mission

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Despite being on separate sides of the country, there is one hour a year where it is the same time in Oregon and Florida. – More at Brent Logan “A small portion of eastern Oregon is in the mountain time zone (while the rest of OR is Pacific time) and the Florida panhandle is central time zone (with the rest of FL using Eastern time), so when the Florida panhandle sets their clocks back an hour in the fall, it is the same time as Eastern Oregon (which wouldn’t set their clocks back for another hour)” – Redditor CouleursCPA

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The Dead Sea is currently 429 meters below sea level and sinking about 1 meter a year. – More at The Daily Mail

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Russia spans 11 time zones. At one end of Russia it could be 7 in the morning and at the other it’s 6 in the evening. – Time Temperature

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Meanwhile, China is wide enough for 5 time zones but only uses 1. – Travel China Guide

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At certain times of the year you could walk from the United States to Russia because of two islands known as Big (Russian) and Little (US) Diomede. Russia and the United States closest points are about 3.8 km (2.4 mi) apart. – Wikipedia

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54 countries fit in Africa. – World Meters

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