7 Gadgets You Need for a Secret Agent's Vacation ...


If you fancy yourself as Jane Bond, pack your orange Halle Berry style bikini and tuck these secret agent travel gadgets in your suitcase alongside your cocktail dress with the thigh length slit. Head off for an exotic location where you know the latest megalomaniac seeks world domination and put your secret agent travel gadgets to use, saving us all from disaster.

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The World’s Smallest Camera

The World’s Smallest Camera All the best secret agent travel gadgets come in a miniature size. The last thing you want in a camera is for your target to spot you surreptitiously filming them. You want a camera like this one. About as big as your thumb, you can mount it, hold it or wear it on a string around your neck. It provides high resolution recording with good audio and an 8GB memory. And, if you’re leaving super spy at home for this vacation, it’s the perfect camera if you only want to pack a carry on. It's available at amazon.com.


Tracking Device

Tracking Device Not sure where your prey is heading? Find a way of secreting this miniature tracker on his person and tune into the GPS app to track them wherever they go. You can also make use of it before you tag your target with it by turning it on in your luggage – let the airlines dare try and lose your bag now! You can find it at amazon.com.


Book Safe

Book Safe You don’t want to trust those inadequate hotel safes with your precious spy gadgets, now do you? You can hide all your precious spy accouterments in a hollowed out book and no room invader will even think of looking there. Everyone’s got room in their suitcase for a book! Buy similar items here: amazon.com.


Spy Mac

Spy Mac You have to hope that your quarry is in Eastern Europe or the Southern Hemisphere in the middle of winter if you want to get full use of the classic spy uniform – the trench coat. All items of clothing made by ScotteVest come with hidden pockets and their short length classic trench has an incredible 18 secret hiding places – more than enough for all your secret agent travel gadgets. What’s more it comes in a range of great colors too. They do hoodies too, if a trench is too much. They're available here: scottevest.com.


Rear-View Sunglasses

Rear-View Sunglasses Your prey is meeting his cronies in a café on the cornice. How do you get close and watch without him noticing you? With a pair of rear view sunglasses, naturally. Pop them on, take a pew with your back to your target and they’re none the wiser you’re watching them. And, as the sun is beating down, and your sunnies look high-fashion, no-one will be any the wiser you’re a super spy doing her job! You can find them here: amazon.co.uk.


Pen Recorder

Pen Recorder So you’ve got them under surveillance with your rear view sunglasses, but you need to hear what they’re saying, especially because it’s sotto voce. Buy a couple of postcards and wipe out your spy recorder pen. You’ll look just like a tourist writing their wish you were here messages to the folks back home. Back in your room you can plug in into your computer and listen to the dastardly plans. Available here: amazon.com.


Swiss Army USB

Swiss Army USB Last but certainly not least is one of the secret agent travel gadgets every self respecting spy or agent must have. Every traveler and every spy knows the value of a Swiss Army Knife and the predicaments it can solve. This one, however, comes with a USB flash drive, so whether you need a tiny screwdriver to unlock a safe, a knife to remove a stone from your steed’s shoe or somewhere to store the pictures of the secret documents you took when you broke into your target’s office, this has you covered. Find it here: amazon.com.

Now you’re all kitted out to be the next super secret agent. Details of your mission will be posted shortly. This article will self destruct in five seconds.

I know I’ve been a bit jokey but these gadgets will certainly cut down on space and still be useful. Can you see yourself as the next Jane Bond?

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I think this is great for life in big cities as well. Thieves mostly go for what they know is there, but with that coat oh boy! They won't know what is what lol if you don't have a bag, there's no bag to steal. Even so maybe carry a decoy one to distract thieves from your body area.

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