7 Funiculars around the World for a Fun Ride ...

Last week I went on the clifftop railway at Great Orme Head in Llandudno, North Wales and it got me thinking about where other fun funiculars might be around the world. A funicular is just a “railway” that goes up and down an incline by various methods of propulsion from water to electric. Fun funiculars usually offer something more than just a short railways trip – there’s always something in the way of great views or interesting features.

1. Angels Flight, Los Angeles, USA

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You might be wondering what fun funiculars exist in the city famed for its beautiful people and gorgeous weather, but don’t be fooled – the Angels Flight cliff railway is a great addition to a Los Angeles trip. Angels Flight is the last remaining funicular from the few incline railways LA used to have, and at a very modest 50 cents per ride, why not take the minute-long trip?

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