7 Fun Trips to Take with Other Couples ...

Take double-dating to the next level by finding some trips to take with other couples. Some trips are just more fun when it's not just the two of you. While alone time is great, these trips to take with other couples will ensure everyone has the time of their life. Gather your couple friends together for a much needed break. After all, you don't have to give up your friends once you're a couple.

1. Las Vegas

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With so many different things to do, odds are you and your partner may not always want to do the same things. This is one of the best trips to take with other couples because there is something that everyone will love. The gals can have a relaxing spa day and hit up a show while the guys check out the buffets and a fight or two. If you really want to fully take in Las Vegas, take another couple or two along with you.

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