9 Fun Tourist Attractions in the United States ...

One of the things that I love the most about living stateside is the amount of fun tourist attractions in the United States. Surrounded by endless possibilities, there is always a reason to go out exploring! Whether you are new to the area or have been living here for years, there is bound to be an attraction that you have yet to see. These fun tourist attractions in the United States will be sure to appeal to both newcomers and locals alike.

1. Times Square – New York, New York

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I am going to start this list off with one of the most popular and fun tourist attractions in the United States. As a New Yorker, this may be a bit biased but I do feel that everyone should visit Times Square at least once. Forget about the expensive restaurants and clothing shops; take a walk down Broadway and catch a musical! The best way to make it a day you'll never forget is to score a deal by seeing which shows offer a lottery (a large discount off of the original price of a ticket).

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