10 Fun Things to do in Cape Town ...

Cape Town ‘The Mother City’ is a city of cultural diversity, natural wonders and sophisticated amenities. Cape Town is the second largest and oldest city in South Africa with a Mediterranean climate. The splendor of Cape Town is in her natural beauty, historical landmarks and sophisticated amenities, offers something for everyone, every moment of every day. Cape Town is a happy hunting ground for the outdoor enthusiast, serious shopper, party animal, historian or botanist. If you're lucky enough to visit, here are some fun things to do in Cape Town.

1. Rhodes Memorial

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This memorial is on the slopes of Devils Peak which is part of the Table Mountain National Park. It was built in memory of Cecil John Rhodes whose dream was to build a railroad from Cape to Cairo. Rhodes would climb Devils Peak and ponder the possibilities of what lay beyond the Hottentots Holland Mountains. It’s the perfect location to view the sun rise.

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