7 Fun Things to do in Brighton in the Summer ...

I lived in Brighton for a short time and I loved it, and there are so many fun things to do in Brighton in the Summer. It has such an amazing atmosphere and is popular with holiday makers from both Britain and abroad. It has quite a young population, partly due to having two universities nearby: Brighton University and The University of Sussex. Brighton and Hove are great places to visit for a few days or more, and I will never tire of the sights and sounds and the beautiful people there. So in honor of my old 'home' (well, for a little while) here are just a few of the things to do in Brighton.

1. Snooper's Paradise

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This shop in the North Laine, deserves a paragraph all to itself, even though technically it should be under a broader 'shopping' heading as there are many amazing shops in Brighton. A major attraction in Brighton, It began life as a department store which wasn't wholly successful and the building was then bought by someone who set it up as a co-operative where dealers can go and sell their wares. It is almost like a museum and if you're a lover of thrift stores like me, then this shop full of quirky items, vintage objects, clothes, jewellery and general paraphernalia from yesteryear, is for you. It's a frequent port of call for many antique dealers and it's actually worth dedicating an entire morning or afternoon to wandering around the shop and absorbing its eclectic mix of items from the past. This is one of my favorite things to do in Brighton and I can 'snoop' in there for hours on end!

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