7 Fun Free Things to do in Los Angeles ...

The City of Angels is expensive, but trust me when I say that there are still fun free things to do in Los Angeles if you do your research. You may find yourself a bit light in the wallet (or purse) and this city might intimidate you to take out your hard-earned cash. But…never fear, as here are some fun but free things to do in Los Angeles that won’t bust your budget:

1. The Hollywood Walk of Fame

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They say you have never been to LA if you haven’t at least passed by this part of the city and walked in the footsteps of the stars. If you want to meet a movie star up close and personal, take a walk on the wild side and make your way to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This can get crowded as this is one of the fun free things to do in Los Angeles, but take courage in the sight of the madding crowd. Smile – because there you will see the stars of yesterday and today, immortalized for all time.

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