7 Fun Family Things to do in Berlin ...

There are plenty of fun family things to do in Berlin. Germany’s capital is one of Europe’s hottest destinations. Buy a Berlin Welcome Card and enjoy discounts on 200 attractions and public transport. You can get up to 5 days of discounted sightseeing and travel in the city, and the fun family things to do in Berlin will leave all ages in a whirlwind of delight and paroxysms of joy.

1. Archenhold Observatory

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Berlin’s giant telescope in Treptower Park is the oldest and largest public observatory in Germany, and the experiences here definitely count among the fun family things to do in Berlin. At 21 metres, the observatory’s refracting and movable telescope is also the longest in the world. It’s a fantastic place for families, for both the observatory and the Zeiss planetarium next door offer a wide range of tours and telescope observation sessions for stargazers of all ages.

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