From Room to Sand: 7 Beachfront Hotels to Die for ...

One of the most magical aspects of a beach holiday is being able to step straight from your room or hotel onto the sand and be in the ocean in a few steps. Here are some glorious beachfront hotels where that holiday dream comes true:

1. Turtle Nest Inn, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Sun-baked, red roofed hotel buildings overlook a dazzling white sandy beach that's mere steps from the hotel's doors. Lush, exotic vegetation and palm trees sway gently in the sea breeze. The sounds and smells of the lunchtime throng in the restaurant may rouse you but don't count on it: this is such a relaxing paradise, you may slip into a dream-like state and never fully wake up again until the end of your holiday. The Turtle Nest Inn on Grand Cayman is one of those beachfront hotels where you can practically fall out of your bed and take a dip in the sea without having to walk more than a few steps.

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