7 Free Walking Tours in South America ...

South America is one of the classic destinations for backpackers, but aside from the Andean treks and Amazon River Basin hikes, the free walking tours in South America are another way to put your feet to good use. The free walking tours in South America are also brilliant for the regular tourist to get to know the culturally rich cities in a short space of time.

1. Sศƒo Paulo

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For the first of our free walking tours in South America, letโ€™s head to Brazilโ€™s vibrant and creative city, Sศƒu Paulo. This is the official free tour with its motto โ€˜The First, The Original and The Bestโ€™! There are two main tours offered by them; the Old Downtown and the Paulista Avenue. The Old Downtown tour takes you to the old historical parts of the city including Se Cathedral, the Copan Building, the Municipal Theater, City Hall, the Law school, and many others. If however you are more into modern stuff, the Paulista Avenue tour will take you to the more modern parts of the city like Trianon Park, the MASP, TV Gazeta Building and many more.

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