7 Free Walking Tours in North America ...

They are one of the very best ways to get to know a city and free walking tours in North America help you get up close and personal with marvels of architecture, seats of historical events and contemporary culture. Learn so much and all it costs is a wearing down of shoe leather and your energy – how good is that? Here are some of the most interesting free walking tours in North America.

1. The French Quarter Tour, New Orleans

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The French Quarter, also known as Vieux Carre, is a standout in a city with beautiful architecture. It is one of the best free walking tours in North America, in one of the most interesting cities, New Orleans. The French Quarter has Caribbean, French, Spanish and American influences which makes for a rich cultural experience. The French Quarter Tour takes you through the historic streets of the Old District showing you churches and courtyards, and enlightening you with stories of artists, priests, and even pirates!

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