7 Free Things to do in New York City ...


7 Free Things to do in New York City ...
7 Free Things to do in New York City ...

Whether you are a tourist or a native, there is a great amount of free things to do in New York City. Rightfully named the “city that never sleeps,” New York has a lot of fun activities to offer! You will find that the best thing about living here is that many of the events held are in fact free to the public. Equipped with the knowledge of these top free things to do in New York City, your summer is bound to be eventful!

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Zip Lining across Manhattan

As part of the Summer Streets Festival, zip lining has taken the streets of New York by storm, making it one of the top free things to do in New York City. Aimed towards those with an adventurous streak, this zip line stretches from the Brooklyn Bridge to 72nd Street in Manhattan. I highly advise tourists to take advantage of this completely unique way of touring this wonderful city!


Summer Concerts

One of the hidden perks of living in New York is the amount of free concerts available. Media networks such as Good Morning America and Good Day New York sponsor concerts in the city as a part of their summer concert series; the only catch is that you have be an early riser to enjoy them! Follow Myfreeconcerts.com to be up to date on the free events and concert ticket giveaways.


I Dream of Food

Foodies will rejoice in this revelation that there are indeed a few hotspots where you can get savory eats gratuitement! Places like Agozar and Ancora Ristorante offer tapas and appetizers along with your drinks, respectively. Agozar even takes it a step further with the buy-one-get-one-free deal when you order a drink. If there's delicious food involved, you can always count me in!


Movie in the Park

This is one of my favorite events to take part in with my friends during the summer. Whether you are looking to have a romantic outing or just a place to hang out with your best friends, watching a movie in the park will leave you feeling more than satisfied! Hosted in the open air of the Brooklyn Bridge Park and Bryant Park, there is nothing better than being surrounded by good vibes and people who share the same interest in movies as you. This is a great excuse to pack a picnic and take in the majestic views. Head over to nycgovparks.org and nycgo.com for an in-depth list of free movie screenings in the five boroughs.


Comedy Shows

If you are looking for a laugh, then you have come to the right place! UCB Theatre hosts free improv shows during certain nights of the week. Three Cups also provides stand-up comedy shows free of charge in their lounge; the choice is yours whether you'd like to enjoy a nice meal while you laugh!


Having Fun Isn't Hard

Did you know that New York City's public libraries host free interactive events every week? Through the creation of programs that aim to celebrate culture and arts, events such as author talks and readings are made available to the public for free. Queens Public Library also sometimes hosts game tournaments. After enjoying a good book, why not stay to see what the libraries have to offer?



Museums like the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Queens County Farm Museum, and many others do not require any coverage for you to get in. Queens County Farm Museum is a great place to start! This venue is a cool alternative to visiting the Bronx Zoo; there are so many cute animals to play with, complete with an extensive herb garden. Getting to take in the natural scenery while learning about the historical aspect of the the farming museum is the best of both worlds!

If you look hard enough, you will see that there are a lot of free events going on. Keep your eyes open for events taking place under your very nose! Are there other free events that have you coming back?

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Love this article <3

A fun free thing to do is ride the Staten Island ferry. Awesome view of the manhattan skyline

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