7 Foreign Countries Where You Can Use US Dollars ...

If you choose to go on vacation to countries where you can use US dollars, you have the distinct advantage of not having to pay exchange rates. You don’t necessarily have to be American to take advantage, because you might find that you get a better deal changing your own currency into US dollars rather than the currency of your destination. Let’s take a look at some of the countries where you can use US dollars.

1. Cambodia

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Cambodia is currently enjoying a reputation as being one of the best cheap places to visit as well as being one of the countries where you can use US dollars. From hotels and accommodation to eating out, this is certainly a budget-friendly country where locals clamor for cash - especially American dollars. For less than $50 per day, travelers are certainly able to survive and not go hungry. If you carry enough American cash then you may never need to buy the Cambodian riel however it is recommended you carry at least $10 worth of riels for the odd expenses such as in the markets or transport.

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