7 Foods You Should Not Eat before Flying ...

Because altitude and the on-board atmosphere can affect your body in all sorts of ways, there are some foods you should not eat before flying. You can play a big part in how you feel after a flight, and even in-flight if you’re going long-haul, by what you choose to consume on-board. Your snacks, drinks and meals should be as much part of your travel plans as anything else, and these are some of the foods you should not eat before flying.

1. Fast Food

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When you are browsing the food court, really think about which foods you should not eat before flying. Tanking up on fast food is tempting when you’re at the airport because it is everywhere. However, you need to trust me when I say that your body is not going to be happy when it is trying to break down these fats at 35,000 feet. Fast food before a flight is a recipe for heartburn and an upset stomach. I’m sure you’d rather be watching the in-flight movies than sitting in the tiny aeroplane toilet cubical!

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