11 Fittest Cities in America That Will Inspire You to Work out ...

There have been many lists showing the fittest cities in America but lately, with obesity becoming a lethal epidemic worldwide, itโ€™s even more important to think about which cities may be succeeding in health, and which ones are not. The majority of this list was compiled from multiple fitness and heath sources, the main one being TIME magazine. The fittest cities in America may just encompass one of the places you want to raise your future family, or possibly even consider moving your family there now. We canโ€™t sit in ignorance or oblivion wondering what those citizens are doing right and what the rest of us are doing wrong. So here they are: the 11 fittest cities in America!

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

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Who doesnโ€™t love the twin cities? At first I thought because these are essentially two cities together, thatโ€™s why their fitness stats are through the roof. But maybe thatโ€™s just my simple-minded thinking in trying to understand the fact that New York is not on this list! Nevertheless, people from Minnesota seem to exercise (Ha, no pun intended!) a variety of factors to keep their city on the list of the fittest cities in America, one of them being that they have easy access to fresh foods from farms not far outside the city! For example, dairy can be inundated with hormones that can cause many health problems, especially weight gain. But lucky for twin city residents, they have fresh dairy products right at their fingertips. I guess this part of America really does have the best cheeses.

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