7 Fascinating Places to Visit in Nagaland ...

While the whole of India can be deemed exotic, the places to visit in Nagaland turn up the spice volume a little more. Lying in the very far east of India, on the border with Myanmar, Nagaland is colorful and culturally diverse, with 16 traditional tribes adding to the mix. It’s also fascinating because each of the villages is almost a tiny state of its own, with its own definitive area, population and administration. If you want to see India that is not so typical, check out these places to visit in Nagaland.

1. Kohima

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As the state capital, Kohima is one of the obvious places to visit in Nagaland. It is a hilly town spread out along a ridge about 4000 feet high and offers some jaw-dropping views of the mountains and valleys. There are some very interesting sights including the cathedral which is the largest in the north-east region of India. The State Museum is here and offers a charming insight into life in Nagaland past and present. But you can’t go to Kohima without knowing about the strategic part it played in World War II, and indeed, there’s a large war cemetery here. In 1944, the Battle of Kohima (including the fierce fighting that happened on the Governor’s tennis court) is considered one of the major turning points in the Burma Campaign, halting the advance of the Japanese.

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