8 Fascinating and Amazing Rock Formations of the World ...

Rock Formations are one of the most incredible feats seen in nature. Truly magnificent natural rock architecture is evidence of nature’s incredible force. Examples of erosion and weather beaten earthly structures can be seen all over the world, each with its own unique and mysterious story. Some of the natural rock formations have religious and spiritual connotations, seeped in history and play an integral part in the culture of countries and its people. Here are 8 Fascinating and Amazing Rock Formations of the World.

1. Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

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The swirling mist over the top of Table Mountain, an epic rock formation that is over 3.5 million years ago, is the sandstone landmark of Cape Town. The top level plateau, giving it is flat table top shape, is an impressive 3km in width and is flanked by the equally impressive Devils Peak and Lions Head mountains. Once the playground to lions and leopards, the mountain is now a fascinating tourist attraction, and visitors can hike up to the top or climb aboard the cable car.

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