9 Fantastic Festivals in Africa for a Real Adventure ...

If you’re in β€œthinking about where to go on vacation this year” mode, there are some fabulous festivals in Africa that will add to the experience of traveling to some amazing countries. As diverse and colorful as the people, landscape and culture of the countries that host them, the festivals of Africa showcase the best of the continent., north to south, west to east.

1. Ghana - Panafest (Biennia)

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There are many meaningful festivals in Africa but Panafest is centered on all Africans in and away from the continent. It happens biennially and is a fest of African music, dance and other performing arts. The objective is to highlight Pan-African principles and the growth of the whole continent. It is a magnet for all people of African descent and those dedicated to the interests of Africa and its Diaspora. Simply put, it’s all about development. The festival is the ideal opportunity to connect with African culture and meet locals and others from around the world while having a great time.

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