7 Fantabulous French Beaches That Will Make You Say Oh La La ...

French beaches stretch from the very north at the border with Belgium, all around the huge coastline, right around to the border with Spain, and then start again on the Mediterranean coastline, stretching right up to the border with Italy. No matter which is your favorite area of coastal France, there will be a stunning beach to tempt you. Choose from intimate little rocky coves or huge ribbons of flat sands, to be enjoyed from trendy chic resorts or cosy little gîtes on cliff tops. French beaches are glorious. Oh la la indeed!

1. Baie D’Ecelgrain, Normandy

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Mention Normandy and the name will be forever linked with D-Day in 1944 when the now iconic and celebrated French beaches saw the mass landing of Allied troops to retake Europe from the Germans. Memorials and monuments rightly dominate the main beaches, but there are some absolute gems that had no part in the landings are simply superb. One example is Baie d’Elecgrain set in the rugged headlands of the Cap de la Hague in the northwest tip of Normandy. The dark golden sand rises to gently-rolling hills and there are stunning views across to the Channel islands.

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