7 Famous Artists' Homes to Inspire ...

There are many ways to combine a passion for art and travel, and one is to visit famous artists’ homes. Many now stand as a testament to their former famous residents inside and out, with those most notable having been turned into museums for us to pay homage to and as a tribute to men and women who inspire us to see the world in riots of light, color and shade. Visiting artists’ homes is a different experience to seeing an amazing creation hanging on a gallery wall. It gives you just a small insight into the forces of inspiration behind great works of art. Here are some famous artists’ homes you might like to visit.

1. Château of Vauvenargues – Pablo Picasso

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This epic home passed through a series of owners before being shown, on a whim, to none other than Pablo Picasso. Art collector and critic, Douglas Cooper, showed the Château of Vauvenargues to Picasso in 1958, when he was returning from the Vendôme pavilion in Aix-en-Provence, where he’d been attending an exhibition of his own work. The stunning chateau, lying in the shadow of Mont Sainte-Victoire (a favorite muse of fellow painter, Paul Cézanne), so struck Picasso that he bought it within a week. After moving into the chateau in January 1959, he set out on a new stage of his career, which held surprisingly few landscapes, considering his love of the scenery enveloping one of the most famous artists’ homes.

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