Fascinating Facts about Mount Everest 🏔Trivia Lovers Should Know ...


How many facts about Mount Everest do you know other than it is the highest mountain on earth? It has long held a fascination for many, simply for that reason. It took until 1953 for someone to finally conquer the summit but since then, it’s actually become quite a busy thoroughfare. Let’s take a trip up Earth’s highest point and learn some facts about Mount Everest as we go.

1. It Has Various Other Names

It Has Various Other Names

One of my favourite facts about Mount Everest is that it is called many things. The Nepalese call the mountain the “Goddess of the Sky” (Sagarmatha), while the Tibetans have named Mount Everest “Mother Goddess of the Universe” (Chomolungma). It makes me jealous that we, unoriginally, named Mount Everest after a British surveyor, George Everest!

The Temperature is Always below 0 Degrees Celsius
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