7 Factory Tours for Family Fun ...

Factory tours are very often more fun than you imagine them to be. They offer a fascinating insight into how stuff is made and if this stuff happens to be some of our favorite things then so much the better. Factory tours give us a greater appreciation and they are great travel experiences to further your own and your kid’s education. Here are some of the best factory tours in the US.

1. Williamsburg Doll Factory

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If you miss the little girl in you or are looking for some family fun with your daughters, you must book a Williamsburg Doll Factory tour and see for yourself what the art of crafting and painting porcelain dolls involves. The manufactory is located in Williamsburg, in the State of Virginia, and was opened in a former farmhouse. Although they organise factory tours all year round, the visiting hours change quite often, so make sure you call ahead before hitting the road.

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