7 Fabulous Beaches of India to Fuel Your Imagination ...

You may have noticed that I have been doing a number of articles on various beaches around the globe, and now, it is time to share with you the beaches of India. I knew that Goa is famed for its beaches, but with such a huge coastline I was sure there’d be more. I was actually surprised though that in all the sources I found for the best beaches of India, in practically every one, 8 out of 10 were a Goan beach. So, I’ve dug deeper to find beaches all around the country, on the west and east coasts. There are some stunners, so come with me as we whizz around some of the best beaches of India.

1. ColVa Beach, Goa

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Although all the beaches in Goa are stunning and among the best beaches of India, tourism is very developed in this state on the Arabian Sea. If you want the beauty of Goa but prefer to experience nature in its pure form, Colva Beach in the south of the state is one of the few unspoilt beaches of Goa. This is a place of tranquility and serene gorgeousness – a peaceful paradise where the aim is sheer relaxation. It isn’t well advertised and there’s no proper roads leading to it, and when you get there it’s just you, the sand, sea, sun and others who’ve found this magical place.

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