20 Fabulous Beaches for 2013 ...

If you’re thinking of summer vacations you might like to know some of the best beaches for 2013. Be ready, ladies, you are going to be drooling after you’ve read through this, so I hope you’ve got some pennies saved so you can visit some of these Gardens of Eden, Paradises on Earth, little Slices of Heaven, Swathes of Tropical Bliss… Here are the best beaches for 2013.

1. Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

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On the North Island of New Zealand, sitting in a marine reserve on the stunning Coromandel Peninsula is gorgeous Cathedral Cove. Known in the Maori language as Te Whanganui-A-Hei, it is named after the large cave that leads through to the neighboring cove and it is not just one of the best beaches for 2013, but any year. The soft sand, sparkling clear blue ocean and Te Hono Rock make this a charm.

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