7 Extreme Vacations for Extreme Travelers ...

If you love the adrenaline rush and the heart-stopping thrill, lying on a beach for two weeks just won’t cut it and you’ll be on the lookout for extreme vacations. You want action. You want adventure. But you also want breathtaking scenery. And you want plenty of entertainment for when you’re not pushing yourself to your limits. You want these extreme vacations.

1. Heli-skiing

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One of the most extreme vacations for extreme travelers involves a helicopter, some skis, and a whole lot of untouched terrain. Pro skiers who are sick of the slopes and hope to get a rush elsewhere can board a chopper and go heli-skiing. Screw chairlifts – this helicopter will deliver you to the mountaintop, allowing you access to miles and miles of uncharted and uber challenging ski runs out in the middle of nowhere and everywhere, with not a single fellow skier to hog the slopes. One great option for heli-skiing is Valdez Heli-Camps, which runs tours to Alaska’s Chugach mountain range. The “Sound to Summit” package launches thrill-seekers on Chugach’s peak, at 13,000 feet, and includes accommodations aboard an anchored ship in the Prince William Sound.

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