Extreme Experiences: Only Adrenaline Junkies Need Apply ...

It seems many more of us are becoming less content with lying on a beach or hugging the poolside for our annual vacation. Adventures that used to be thought of as being only for the crazy or the thrill seekers are now far more accessible and there’s quite a boom in extreme experience holidays. If your idea of a good vacation is adrenaline fueled, I’ve got some great ideas for you: Ditch the dull desk life and flirt with danger.

1. Royal Gorge Bridge Bungee Jump in Canon City, Colorado, USA

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As extreme adventures go, this bungee jump reveals the tough nuts among the gals! Held once a year at the GO Fast! Games, it’s one of the highest bungee jumps in the world at a vomit-inducing 800 ft or spine-rattling 321 meters. Pray to all known deities and hope your bungee cord holds. Now feel the adrenaline rush in your veins. You may want to wear a diaper for this one. Yeehah!

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