7 Exotic Destinations for Adventure Travelers ...

If you are bored of the same old places, fed up of spending your vacation on the beach or lying next to the pool, there are some exotic destinations for adventure travelers that will really test you. These trips and destinations are rarely for the faint of heart, and let’s be honest, you probably need to be able to afford dropping a few thousand dollars for the experience too. These destinations for adventure travelers do however promise the trip of lifetime.

1. Amazon Rainforest – South America

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Imagine being in close contact with 438,000 plant types and about 90,790 tonnes of plants in a single square kilometer – and that’s just what is currently known. There’s just so much to see. Few destinations for adventure travel are better than the Amazon Rainforest – it is also one of the most accessible on this list. It’s exciting crossing rivers filled with poison frogs, electric eels and piranhas. Then there’s the gorgeous cougar, jaguar and anaconda lurking about. You have to be alert because there’s an element of risk, just what an adventure traveler craves. Vaccinations against diseases like malaria and dengue fever is essential.

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