7 Exciting Ways to Experience the Great Outdoors ...


If you're looking for some exciting ways to experience the great outdoors then this list is sure to inspire. Being outdoors is great fun and one of my New Year's resolutions was to do more things outdoors and get closer to nature. Being closer to nature can have a wonderful effect on both the body and mind, so if you're new to the outdoors or are looking to experience the great outdoors a little more, here are some ideas.

1. Perfect Picnics

Let's face it, when the sun comes out, we love nothing more than to bask in its splendour, especially if we have been spending so many months indoors, looking outside longingly. One of the ways to welcome the summer sun is to pack that picnic basket and head off to a country park where you can feel super virtuous by consuming your delicious picnic and then walking off the calories! This is just one of the ways to experience the great outdoors.

Wonderful Water Sports
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