4. Wrestling with Vocabulary: Teaching English in Cambodia

Wrestling with Vocabulary: Teaching English in Cambodia

Type of Experience: Volunteering

Organizers: Conversations with Foreigners

Contact Details: cwfcambodia.org

Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital, this remarkable organization has cracked the age-old conundrum of how one can make school-based placements both ethical and beneficial to all concerned. Let's face it, sending a gringo gap-year student to teach in a foreign country can do more harm than good!

However, the weeks spent as a volunteer don't seem to have harmed anyone so far. Each day volunteers teach for five hours; classrooms contain students of all ages. The organization provides full school term placements of 12 weeks, redistributing the funds generated from English lessons to benefit rural development projects. Remarkably, skilled volunteers aren't charged a fee and have access to 24/7 living support, which includes cooking classes, wider social activities and Khmer language lessons to help volunteers integrate better. All of this is part of the wonderful Conversations with Foreigners ethos. Why aren't they running our planet, yet?

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