3. Planting Trees: Forest Conservation, Manu Region of Peru

Planting Trees: Forest Conservation, Manu Region of Peru

Type of Experience: Volunteering

Organizer: Crees

Contact Details: crees-manu.org

For a change, this is a conservation project where volunteers are permitted to hug the endangered species they're meant to protect. But only AFTER they've planted the tree.

Volunteering projects on this 2.35 square mile/6 square kilometer wildlife haven in Amazonian Peru range from 2 to 24 weeks; volunteers work together with local communities. The Crees project may appear tiny compared to the vastness of the Amazon rainforest, but they have big ambitions. Crees aim to act as a role model for sustainable conservation projects in the region. Travel experiences include extensive research expeditions and community-led agro forestry; in other words, tree-planting and bio gardening until your hands bleed and your head swells with pride.

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