2. Growling with Tigers: Night Safari, Laos

Type of Experience: Ethical Travel
Organizer: Nam Nern Night Safari & Ecolodge
Contact Details: namet.org

Immerse yourself for two glorious days in the magical world of Nam Et-Phou Louey, a protected area where tourists are safely tucked up in their recycled wood bungalows, while they record all the animals they spot. The more endangered the species, the more money the local villages receive, thus encouraging further eco and conservation projects. 90% of the tour revenue goes back to the community's coffers. Yay! Nam Nern Night Safari & Ecolodge has rightly been the winner at the World Responsible Tourism Awards twice. Spot tigers, Sambar deer and gaur, report it and everyone wins. The bungalows are built by locals, the food is locally grown and prepared. And authentic, delicious dishes like Soop pak (a traditional Laotian steamed veggie dish) and Khmu tempura are just what the jungle doctor ordered after a hard day's tiger spotting!

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