9 Essential Toiletry Items to Never Leave Home without ...

By Jessica

9 Essential Toiletry Items to Never Leave Home without ...

Have you ever found yourself unprepared by forgetting to bring some essential toiletries for a vacation? I know I have. I recently forgot cold medicine on a trip to DC and had to pay a lot of money for only two doses at the airport convenience shop! Don't leave home unprepared and you'll find your experiences are much more enjoyable. Here are 9 essential toiletries for a vacation that you should have with you for your next trip!

1 Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Floss

For me, I panic just thinking about forgetting my teeth cleaning essentials! I know you can probably buy these items wherever your destination may be, but it's usually a hassle and simply a waste of money. I actually always have a pack of floss in my purse at all times and definitely end up using it all the time while I am out! Clean teeth are really important for not only your health, but for you to feel your best while away from the comforts of your home. Your toothbrush, paste and floss are some must-have essential toiletries for a vacation that you don't want to forget.

2 Bandaids

Sometimes despite our best efforts, shoes that seem comfortable end up giving you blisters after hours and hours of wear. It's a good idea to keep bandaids with you in case a blister starts to form! Especially those cute little ballet flats that rub your Achilles! Yikes!

3 Antibacterial Ointment

Antibacterial ointment, such as Neosporin, is good to keep in your toiletry bag just in case you get a cut or broken blister. It's especially important while traveling to avoid an infection so be prepared and pack some antibacterial ointment! It will also ease any pain or discomfort which is nice.

4 Feminine Products

This is kind if obvious, but feminine products are a must in your toiletry bag! When you're out all day, traveling the streets and sight seeing, the last thing you want to be doing is searching for a convenience store for some feminine products. Always overpack these kinds of items just in case! You will definitely be thanking yourself.

5 Cold/Headache Medicine

I came down with a bug the day of our trip to Washington DC. The flight was miserable thanks to the effects of the cabin pressure on my sinuses and I would have killed for a decongestant. It's a good idea to pack some with you in case you come down with something or are prone to having issues with cabin pressure. You don't want to pay an exorbitant amount of money at the airport for cold medicine!

6 Deodorant

Deodorant is a common item to pack in your toiletry bag and for a good reason! Being active while on vacation generally means you'll be sweating, so pack that deodorant! I've been into all natural deodorant lately which smells amazing and doesn't allow toxic chemicals to absorb into your skin. It's more fun to carry around, too.

7 Travel-Sized Shampoo & Conditioner

I can't stand the shampoo and conditioner at most hotels. My hair is dry and relatively damaged so I always make sure to pack a good shampoo. With the change in humidity and temperature at your new destination, you'll want your hair to be as smooth and manageable as possible.

8 Hand Sanitizer

I'm not a huge fan of hand sanitizer because it kills all the bad AND good flora on your hands. However, in emergencies, I would rather kills germs that are in places like public transit than risk getting a nasty bug (especially in light of the flu virus that's been going around!). Always wash or sanitize your hands before eating or before touching your face and mouth.

9 Wet Wipes & Tissues

The best part of any vacation for me is trying all the delicious food! There have been plenty of times where I wished I had wet wipes to clean my sticky hands of food residue (when the bathroom is occupied of course and we were in a hurry). Tissues are also great to have on hand for any runny nose emergencies, as well as a place to hold your gum.

There it is, my list of essential toiletry items for any vacation! I don't like leaving for a trip without any of these items. What are some essentials you never leave home without?

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