9 Essential Toiletry Items to Never Leave Home without ...

Have you ever found yourself unprepared by forgetting to bring some essential toiletries for a vacation? I know I have. I recently forgot cold medicine on a trip to DC and had to pay a lot of money for only two doses at the airport convenience shop! Don't leave home unprepared and you'll find your experiences are much more enjoyable. Here are 9 essential toiletries for a vacation that you should have with you for your next trip!

1. Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Floss

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For me, I panic just thinking about forgetting my teeth cleaning essentials! I know you can probably buy these items wherever your destination may be, but it's usually a hassle and simply a waste of money. I actually always have a pack of floss in my purse at all times and definitely end up using it all the time while I am out! Clean teeth are really important for not only your health, but for you to feel your best while away from the comforts of your home. Your toothbrush, paste and floss are some must-have essential toiletries for a vacation that you don't want to forget.

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