7 Essential Tips for Staying Safe on Vacation ...

Staying safe on vacation is essential. Some people fool themselves into thinking that nothing can happen to them on vacation, as if they have magic protection! Theft or other incidents can ruin your trip and leave you spending time sorting out insurance claims instead of relaxing. Here are some valuable tips on staying safe on vacation

1. Take Local Advice

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Staying safe on vacation is easier if you ask the locals for their advice, especially if you're traveling off the beaten track. They can tell you where it's safe to go and where you should avoid. Local people know whether press reports have any truth to them, or whether it's scaremongering. They can also tell you which districts in a city you need to be careful in.

2. Check Official Advice

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You should also check official advice if you're heading to less safe countries. Look at government websites such as travel.state.gov and gov.uk. Be sure to check your own country's site in particular, as some nationalities may experience greater threats in certain countries. These government sites also have useful advice on everything from health to money and local customs.

3. Blend in

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Thieves often target tourists because they have cash, credit cards and valuables on them. So do your best to avoid looking like a tourist. Work out in advance how to get to your destination so that you don't have to get a map out in the street, and try not to show if you're lost. Look like you know where you're going and try to dress in a similar way to locals.

4. Language Skills

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Language skills are also helpful when it comes to staying safe on vacation. If you have at least a basic knowledge of the local language, you can ask for help or understand something of what people say to you. If you have no understanding of the language, you won't know when locals are trying to warn you to watch out for thieves or tell you that you are being followed.

5. Keep Alert

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Of course you want to relax on your vacation. But you should also stay alert. Letting your guard down could be a very expensive mistake. Watch out for problems, guard your valuables carefully, and never assume that nothing could happen to you. You need to be alert right from the moment you step off the plane at your destination, until you arrive home.

6. Choose Your Area

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Before you pick your accommodation, do some research into suitable areas to stay. It may be better to pick a more expensive hotel if it means that you don't have a long, lonely journey back every night or have to walk a long way from the nearest station. Women on their own are potentially vulnerable, so make your personal safety top priority.

7. Respect Laws

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Finally, always respect the laws of your host country. You might think that you're just having a little fun, but your idea of fun could have a heavy penalty. PDOA, drug and alcohol laws are good examples of this; what may carry a fine back home could be punishable with years in jail where you're visiting. Don't risk it.

There's no way of making vacations absolutely risk-free, but you can do a lot to ensure that your trip isn't spoiled. Look after your personal safety and avoid a cavalier attitude of thinking that nothing can possibly happen on a vacation. Have adequate insurance in the case of accident or illness. Have you ever had any holiday disasters?

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