7 Essential Things to do in Cape Cod ...

With its quaint fishing villages, gorgeous coastline and rather kitschy attractions, there are plenty of things to do in Cape Cod. All souls will find a home here: families with kids are drawn to Cape Cod Bay on the north side of the peninsula; students love to play in Wellfleet and Falmouth; while those with art at their heart gravitate to Provincetown. I’m convinced there’s something for all tastes among the things to do in Cape Cod.

1. Whale Watching

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Cape Cod, named for the abundance of cod off its shores, is also home to many species of whales and dolphins, and they are one of the major attractions of Cape Cod. Several companies specialize in whale watching excursions, which take around 4 hours round trip. Dolphins are known to leap from the water and play when they know they’re being watched, and humpback whales may splash their tails or leap from the water, delighting all who are observing these gentle creatures.

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